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Welcome to Holness Nutrition! I’m Nicole, a passionate and experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

If you’re a woman struggling with fertility or pregnancy-related challenges, I’m here to help you nourish and flourish for life!

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The Struggles

The Challenges

Many women struggle with the pain, frustration, and shame caused by fertility and pregnancy-related issues. But working with a women’s health dietitian can help with many issues, from conception, prenatal and postpartum concerns, to PCOS and other hormonal imbalances. These issues can negatively affect a woman’s quality of life, but I promise – you don’t have to suffer! 

The Solutions

Life-Changing Solutions

Through customized nutrition plans, Holness Nutrition will work with you to overcome your pregnancy and conception-related challenges so you can get back to feeling like the amazing woman you are.
I’ll show you that through the incredible power of food, difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations!
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How it works

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Do you worry about how your diet and lifestyle are affecting your health? Take this test and determine if you’re either helping or hurting your fertility.

Plus, you can download a free checklist of research-based steps to boost your chances of getting pregnant!

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This 20-minute breakthrough session is aimed to get to know you, your needs, and preferences in great detail for us to establish a plan moving forward. If I have a resource to share with you immediately, I will. You’ll learn more about our approach and what working together will look like to see if we’d be a good fit

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We’ll take a deep dive into your comprehensive medical and nutritional history, menstrual cycle, and much more. You’ll receive a clear nutrition roadmap and personalized supplement plan designed to help you achieve your reproductive and health goals.

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Ready to put our plan into action? Holness Nutrition programs are expertly designed science-based nutrition plans that are tailored fit to each client’s specific goals as we understand that each individual is unique. We work closely with our clients and build strong relationships as we guide you towards achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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What Holness Nutrition Offer


You are not alone! Get to know our nutritional strategies that will help increase your chances of getting (and staying) pregnan


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal imbalance that can cause infertility, painful or irregular periods, and weight gain. 


What a woman eats throughout her pregnancy is a critical factor in her well-being and the future health of her child.


Are you a woman struggling with weight gain, fibroids, irregular periods, endometriosis, other hormonal imbalances


Get the support you need throughout your exciting post-pregnancy journey with nutrition guidance.


Boost Your Team’s Wellbeing: Introducing Our Transformative Corporate Wellness Program! Boost Productivity and Morale

Happy Clients

What some recent clients say about their
experience with Holness Nutrition

“Nicole is an extraordinarily talented Nutritionist who has expertise in gut issues amongst other things! She thoroughly and expertly considers all aspects of a person’s condition and thinks outside the box in coming up with her expert solution. I have suffered from severe eczema for the past 14 years, and it had a negative impact on my sleep, productivity, and relationships. I have seen several health care providers with minimal long-term success until I decided to look into nutrition as a potential solution. Nicole’s guidance has greatly helped me improve my overall quality of life. I highly recommend Nicole for anyone with gut issues, skin issues and many other issues as her wealth of knowledge and expertise is world class! ” 

John O, New Jersey


“After having twins I needed to get my body back into shape and replenish my depleted nutrient levels. Working with Nicole was a pleasure. Her vast knowledge and actionable steps along with her positive and upbeat style not only motivated me and brought great value in our sessions. The nutrition guidance she gave me helped me get back on track, increase my energy and breastfeed with confidence. I was so lucky to have found Nicole! She is not only a Dietitian, she is also a Lactation Consultant. I successfully breastfed our twin girls largely due to Nicole. Nicole has been awesome and I’m so happy to be her client.”

Esther M, New York


“I was suffering from pretty severe gestational diabetes, with uncontrolled sugar levels, and needed an ultrasound every week to make sure my baby wasn’t getting too big. I was scared, as my biggest concern was my ability to deliver a healthy baby. I was on insulin to keep my sugar in range.  Nicole’s guidance helped me develop an eating plan customized to my personal needs based on my situation, lifestyle, sleeping pattern, mood, etc. She developed a personalized meal plan, discussed how I can incorporate the foods that I am eating in the plan, taught me about portion control and so much more. She really goes above and beyond, and I would encourage any woman who is in need of a dietitian to give Nicole a call!”

Kim D, Manitoba


“I’d definitely recommend Nicole if you are a woman struggling with PCOS. This is the first time in my life I feel satisfied with the foods I am eating, and thanks to her amazing support I have reduced my binge-like cravings, balanced my blood sugars, lost weight, and have gained a healthier relationship with food. My energy has increased and I feel amazing! She has a wealth of knowledge, and what she prescribed was an exact fit for my lifestyle and needs. Thank you Nicole!”

Jen L, New York





Struggling with PCOS?

If you are struggling with PCOS call me for a free consultation today!

“I have PCOS and have been trying to get pregnant for the past 5 years and had no success, leaving me feeling hopeless. My doctor referred me to Nicole. She brilliantly led me to change where I didn’t think that was possible knowing how resistant I am to change. Her plan was based on my labs, medications, weight, supplements and other relevant information in my profile. After working with  Nicole I feel overjoyed, because my dream of being pregnant became a reality! She helped control my blood sugars, I lost weight, she recommended supplements to correct my nutrition deficiencies, and I started seeing my period and ovulating again.  I am also at risk for a miscarriage and I continue to see Nicole during my pregnancy. It’s been going well and I’m looking forward to giving birth to a healthy baby. My husband and I are grateful.”

Yolanda K, New York


I reached out to Nicole for reassurance and questions about my milk production after the birth of my first child.
Nicole was very knowledgeable, supportive, and flexible in communication modalities; we used messaging as well as video and phone conversations. She would follow up with support via email as well. Thanks to Nicole, I felt reassured and confident in my ability to continue to exclusively breastfeed for the long haul. My milk production was consistent for breastfeeding and I was able to pump for reserve.
Nicole is highly qualified in her area of practice, you won’t regret reaching out. Thanks, Nicole!

Tracy C, New York



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